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Натюрморт, О.Мuller, 1940


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Добрый день,


прошу помочь с переводом дарственной (?) надписи и, если возможно, с данными о художнике.





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По всей видимости, автором обсуждаемой картины является -


"Otto Müller (born November 21, 1898 in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt; died December 9, 1979 in Merseburg) was a German painter and graphic designer."


Художник участвовал в следующих выставках -


"Otto Müller mastered a number of different graphical and artistic techniques:

Throughout his career, Otto Müller produced images of people (especially of portraits and nudes), plants, animals and landscapes. He became known at an early stage for his pictures of flowers and grass, and was often referred to as “Flower” Müller or “Grass” Müller to distinguish him from other artists with the same surname. Post 1945, he spent several periods working intensively on certain themes:

  • 1947–1949: Animals, mainly as drawings
  • 1951–1964: Technology, industry and agriculture
  • 1963–1973: Portraits (girls, babies, children, self-portraits), mainly in wax
  • 1973–1979: Urban landscapes, mainly in watercolour and tempera

Otto Müller's work included subject paintings and more abstract art. He admitted readily that his earlier abstract works were mere imitations of other artists, but the abstract works he produced in the post-war period were far more original He provided a glimpse of his view of art in an interview with Christine Mücklisch: „…my intention though is to paint from nature, because there is more to see there than I can imagine.“ Otto Müller's works were shown in many exhibitions during his lifetime. The following is a selection of these:


  • 1928: Exhibition of Otto Müller's work from his school days at the Roter Turm in Halle
  • 1934: Represented at the exhibition “Hallesche Kunst” at the Anhaltischen Kunstverein in Dessau
  • 1939: Prize winner in the „Schafft schöne Heimatkunst“ competition in Halle
  • 1946: Represented at the first German art exhibition after the Second World War in Berlin
  • 1948: Represented at the exhibition “Die Welt im Schleier der Farbe: Carl Crodel, Kurt Bunge, Otto Müller, Karl Rödel” at the Galerie Henning in Halle
  • 1948: Represented at the exhibition “Das Aktbild” at the Galerie Marktschlößchen in Halle, organised by the Halle artists group known as “Die Fähre”
  • 1949: Exhibition of animal drawings and paintings by Otto Müller, organised by Die Fähre
  • 1951: Exhibition of graphic studies in the Machine and Tractor Station (MTS) Volkstedt
  • 1956: Represented at the Gesamtdeutsche Graphik-Ausstellung (German Graphic Exhibition) organised by the German Cultural Council in Munich and held in the State Gallery and the Lenbach Gallery
  • 1963–1964: Exhibition of his works from throughout his lifetime at the State Gallery in Moritzburg on the occasion of his 65th birthday
  • 1967, 1972, 1977: Participated in art exhibitions of the German Federal Republic in Dresden
  • 1968: Exhibition at the kleine Galerie in Halle on the occasion of his 70th birthday
  • From 1969: Represented in the regional art exhibitions
  • 1976: Exhibition in the Carl von Basedow clinic in Merseburg
  • 1977: Opening of the State Gallery on the Hansering in Halle with exhibition of works by Otto Müller.
  • 1977: Exhibition in Galerie am Sachsenplatz in Leipzig
  • 1978–1979: Exhibition in the Galerie Marktschlößchen in Halle on the occasion of this 80th birthday
  • 1979–1980: “Kunst aus Halle” (Kunst from Halle) exhibition in Galerie “Spektrum” in Chemnitz (known at the time as Karl-Marx-Stadt)
  • 1979–1980: Represented at the “Kunst aus der DDR, Bezirk Halle” (Art from the GDR, region Halle) exhibition in the Kunstverein Hannover

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#3 Nick61

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Отправлено 29 Март 2019 - 11:19

По всей видимости,это обыкновенный копеечный мусор со всяких сборищ как бы уличных как бы художников в людных туристических местах. Такие гадюшники для лохов-туристов и просто лоховатых соотечественников есть по всей Европе.Германия не исключение. Мюллеров же в Германии столько, сколько Ивановых в России...

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